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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Several BC communities have shown their support for the arts with these wonderful photo messages. The Face of the Arts idea began in Golden, BC this fall. We’re posting these photos and their instructions on how to run your own Face of the Arts photo shoot below.

Golden BC kicks off Face of the Arts

The idea was picked up again on Gabriola Island

Gabriola Island residents show their support

Rebecca Coleman has also contributed an excellent blog piece on Art of the Business that shows how the cuts have already had a direct impact on several organizations.

These photos were taken by The Social Utilities at the Wrecking Ball on November 23rd at the Vogue in Vancouver.

The Social Utilities are: Caroline Liffman, Tanya Podlozniuk, Gina Readman, Aliya Griffin, Caroline Sniatynski and Adrienne Wong.

Take a look at the whole series in this slideshow.

Here is a call-to-action from the Kicking Horse Culture advocacy page about how you can put a face to the arts in your community with this very effective photo initiative:

What you can do:

Invite to communities and arts orgs all around the province:

All you need is a white board and a digital camera and a Flickr account via Yahoo (it’s free).

1. Take the photos at your events. Our audience loved it!

2. Export the images from your camera into your photo software program… we’re using iPhoto.

3. iPhoto links directly to Flickr. With other software, just follow Flickr’s FAQ to upload.

4. That’s it!

May we suggest thay you name your Flickr account “Face of the arts in (your town name here) BC” That way, when one does a search in Flickr, it will be very evident how many communities have joined in.


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There are several ways for you to lend your support to the arts in BC. Here is one more that is gathering a lot of momentum. Please help circulate this petition, and make sure to use our own easy-to-use webform to Speak Out Against BC Arts Cuts:

Arts Victoria‘s Petition in Support of the Arts here.

This petition will be presented to the Legislature when the house resumes sitting in February. As budget decisions will be made between now and then, we will be making interim reports on the progress of the petition to media, and are asking that completed sheets be returned by December 14, January 14 and February 7.

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A wonderful submission by Megan Allenby today.

Arts Cuts Memo Call to Action:

This is our BC-wide collection of creative “memos” to the BC government, reminding them to restore arts funding now!

Let’s show them how creatively British Columbia can demand restoration of the modest but crucial funding that fuels our arts institutions, festivals, homegrown music, literature, art and performance, and cultural activities for both adults and children.

We’re asking people across the province to take part and do three things:

1. use sticky notes (multi-coloured or yellow) to create something visually interesting that will be a memo about the BC arts cuts.

2. incorporate the words “restore arts funding now” somewhere in the piece you make. And we definitely welcome a sense of humour.

3. take a photo of your piece, join our flickr group and send the photo to that group pool. If you don’t have a flickr account, please send the photo to

Please have some fun with this. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to send the message to the government that the people of BC want arts funding restored.

We also want to leave the option open that a person could simply write “give funding back to the arts” and stick it to their mayor’s door.

NOTE: when taking a photo of your memo, here are a few tips toward getting a good image:

1. stick the notes to a nice background.
2. if possible, use natural light rather than a flash. Try to avoid glare on your image.
3. step in close to your image. Fill the frame completely with your subject and keep extraneous elements (furniture, etc) out of the frame unless they’re intentional.

Thanks for all your submissions. We will be announcing contest details shortly.

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Dear artists and arts supporters.

I want to first of all thank all of you for your work in the last several weeks to communicate your thoughts and arguments and your support for the arts and cultural sector through your curtain speeches, letters, rallies, presentations and general advocacy work. The arts community has come together with its boards, stakeholders and communities like never before, and we have been heard. This was very clear in our meeting with the Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture on Nov 30th, here at our Alliance offices, and by the unanimous recommendation of the Standing Committee on Finance. Congratulations!

It is clear that support for the arts is not a partisan issue and that there is strong support throughout this province and from many sectors. We are a powerful constituency. Culture Matters and Creativity Counts for British Columbians.

Part of our success thus far is in having a diversity of approaches to advocacy and communication and in remaining civil and professional in our dealings.

Articulate and careful presentations were made to the Standing Committee across the province and we have remained calm and civil in our dealings with government. This strategy has been effective, as we have heard from government, our colleagues and the community. It is important, moving forward, that we continue to engage our communities in showing their support for the Standing Committee’s recommendations, in a non-partisan, clear and respectful manner. We need the Premier to hear us and to encourage him to take his Committee’s advice; there is no shame in doing the right thing.

Within the next few days, the Alliance Advocacy Committee chair, Sandy Garossino, will provide a report on this meeting and suggestions for moving forward. With your continuing help, our Alliance will continue its work on your behalf.

Thank you

Amir Ali Alibhai
Executive Director

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